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Fast fashion to lead the new era of instant tea tea

Tea is one of the three major beverages in the world, there are about 2000000000 people around the world are keen on tea. Since 2006, China has become the world's largest producer of tea, tea exports have been ranked third in the world for many years. However, it is a popular saying among the China tea industry: "Chinese 70 thousand tea enterprises arrived but a British lipton. "How to build a strong brand, become the heart of many tea enterprises.

Although has the huge consumer base, but the tea in China is a typical "slow selling" industry, in the fast rhythm of the moment, fast-paced public drinking habits and consumption habits have changed, in leisurely bubble tea less, in the office drink instant tea becomes more and more, go to the store to buy tea consumers less, online buying all kinds of tea kind of "pro". Tea market is experiencing a rapid shuffling process, so the terminal and the masses to grasp the habit of drinking, has become the key to the survival of enterprises in the future. According to the development course of coffee will find that, when the British aristocracy are grinding coffee beans, first put forward the concept of instant coffee, of course, be dismissed outright. With the rapid development of the times, wall street walking hurriedly business people is increasing, who has time to grind the coffee, popular demand determines productivity, simple and convenient way of life advocated, instant coffee also gradually been accepted. Development history of development of tea and coffee, similar, Songhua wine, fried spring tea scene and difficult to, the popularity of Lipton tea bag, the concept of instant tea D-Will, the new century a new era of tea whither will also depend on the needs of the public tea.

As the name suggests is a kind of instant tea can quickly dissolve in water and solid beverage of tea. Senior tea friend said, in recent years, appear in succession several instant tea products, such as deepure tea Jane, Jane longrun Pu'er tea, tea with traditional pharmaceutical experience, tea color, aroma, taste, have deviation, and tea less, only tea blindly. The industry's latest introduction of a soluble tea, its color, smell and taste are comparable to the original tea, and without any chemical added. In instant green tea which belongs to the instant tea in this category, but also breaks through the traditional concept of instant tea all kinds of technical bottleneck, can be described as excel the predecessors, causing the industry sensation and a new wave of consumption. It dissolves faster, making the process more scientific, more secure, with hot and cold safe characteristics. And then, the author collect information, instant tea, instant tea) is nearly two years to the tea industry in the great innovations and the latest trend.

The latest data show that the tea industry in the new horizons is the source of Chinese tea using the international advanced biological engineering extraction technology, independent research and development of the tea nano cell extraction of core technology and production system of complete solutions, to become the industry leader. The company with science and technology as the support, has declared more than 20 national patents, of which fourteen patents, and has declared a number of international patents. The advanced equipment creatively uses the method of constant temperature and continuous extraction, separation and purification of the multi stage membrane, and effectively eliminate the pesticide residue on the premise of the perfect retention of the color fragrance of tea. Rely on advanced science and technology, is the source of Chinese tea commitment to create instant tea "brand first, we now have is the source of Chinese tea, Le Chun, Authentea three big brands. Rich and complete production line, not only the aweto, glossy ganoderma and other luxury products and Dahongpao, gold Junmei, Phoenix Dancong, tea lines leading tea tea essence, more black tea, green tea, oolong tea, jasmine green tea, etc. forefront of instant tea products.

A tea brand only when it is integrated into the daily life of the public, and jointly shape the "Chinese tea" this big brand, there will be a lasting strong vitality, access to a larger living space. Currently is the source of Chinese tea's instant tea products have been settled in Carrefour, Jusco etc. super, and synchronization in lynx mall, shop No. 1 for online sales, instant tea fashion tea concept is gradually integrated into the public life.