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Instant tea instead of coffee can get the favour of young people?

Now young people like the convenience of fast food culture, so they derived a series of fast food culture, to be able to calm down the heart to make a cup of tea, young people have become less and less.

Tea culture seems to have been very difficult in the hands of the younger generation can be passed, in order not to let the Chinese tea culture lost in the hands of the younger generation, more and more merchants began development of tea industry in emerging markets, in order to cater to the tastes of young people.

This society is now in a stage of rapid development, tea bags are convenient, but also has been out of date. The pursuit of a more convenient way to make tea and instant tea, came into being.

Instant tea, and Instant Coffee, is a kind of powder, directly into the hot water can make a cup of tea. And Instant Coffee as fast and convenient, but also by the love of many young people.

Instant tea is tea finished product, semi finished tea, tea by-products or fresh leaves as raw material, through extraction, filtration, concentration, drying, etc. process, processed into a new kind of beverage to dissolve readily in water and no residue of granular, powder or flake, has rushed to drink and is convenient to carry, and does not contain pesticide residue and other advantages.

Now the instant tea is mainly divided into two kinds, one is the pure tea, tea is a tune.

We often see like adjusting tea, instant tea, instant lemon Black Tea, these all belong to the tune of tea. Pure tea is still relatively small, like instant Green Tea, instant oolong tea, instant Pu'er Tea are relatively rare.

Brewing method of instant tea powder is very simple, only need 70 degrees centigrade ~ 80 hot boiling water. To want to drink tea and could make trouble for young people, it is very convenient for instant tea.