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The rise of the tea industry the new trend of instant tea culture

In recent years, emerging domestic instant tea culture, become a useful supplement to the traditional tea culture.

Traditional Chinese tea culture is to the teahouse as a platform, the teapot as the carrier, to tea as the technique, the sado connotation of integrated forms. It is a kind of "slow" culture, tea products is a kind of "slow" selling goods. This is full of the charm of the culture, but it is not easy to walk into the fast pace of modern life, especially among young people in the middle of fashion. And instant tea in tea bags as the carrier instead of the teapot and tea houses, enabling consumers to use more convenient, the birth of the series of products and services derived also extended the tea industry chain.

Instant tea culture can be said to be the recent development and innovation of the tea culture, tea culture in this innovative summed up for technological innovation, tea, creativity, art innovation, channel innovation and concept innovation. Deepure treasure tea as the representative in the phenomenon of instant tea, by deepure tea bar, fancy instant Pu'er, Tianchi water distribution Pu'er tea, health benefits and create instant tea, tea, tea and other form is formed by the unique charm of instant tea culture.

Recently, we in the Journal of tea science: the article on microbes in the process of Puer tea fermentation effect of the was found for the first time Puer tea production in the process of thermophilic microbial thermal, was discussed in this paper eosinophilic process of Puer tea fermentation microbial thermal type, summarizes the puer tea fermentation temperature, oxygen consumption and changes in water relations, to determine the relationship between microorganisms and tea brown pigment formation. This found that provides a new clue for the development of modern Pu'er tea, but also for instant Pu'er tea standardization and industrialization production base.

Instant tea culture is different from the tea culture. The Lipton tea as the representative of the tea culture has become an important part of tea culture, the tea culture in the world is rapidly expanding. So, China tea culture is inseparable in the promotion of the world's popularity and influence and Lipton tea bag culture.

China's tea production has been slow growth, the tea industry has been in a slow development phase. In recent years, the emergence of Wong Lo Kat herbal tea, let us to create a tea culture innovation, tea brand, to extend the industrial chain of the tea, the tea industry rapid development of a new understanding. Integration, integration is a kind of innovation, the leadership of Steve Jobs of Apple has been thoroughly play, the formation of instant coffee culture is the best case of technology integration, the integration of culture and habits fusion.

In Japan, the canned tea drinks become the mainstream of tea products; Lipton tea bags sold all over the world more than 120 countries. In the bag bubble tea market has 80% of the market share. In 2009, South Korea media reports, in a large supermarket in South Korea has been ranked the sales top of rice is beyond the instant coffee; coffee culture promotion thanks to the development of instant coffee and popularization, convenient and high-efficient instant coffee has become a style and fashion.

At present, the international tea scientific research is more and more hot, tea polyphenols, caffeine and tea and other active factors of more and more deeply. Tea science and technology progress, will be the development of China instant tea into the new realm.